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Our Community of Local Artists and Photographers

As an artist, I understand first-hand the struggles of being affected by an unexpected event like the global pandemic or civil unrest. So, I created this art community through this publication to give a space for people to experience art together.

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Online Editorial

You can find our online publication’s revolving editorial  photography. Since I have first-hand experience, I provide access to the primary sources of information for all pieces in the publication.

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Interviewing the Artists

With access to the creative in the community, we interview the local artists and businesses to tell their side of the story. We get raw information from the interviews and ensure that their story and struggles are respectfully and rightfully showcased in the publication.

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Bringing Inspiring Stories

The Minnesota Creative Group is a platform where we showcase artists and business owners who have suffered an economic downturn. My mission is to inspire others to get involved in the cause and the artists featured through our photojournalism. It is their time and their stories.