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KMOJ’s Walter Q Bear Banks

Walter Q Bear Banks  (Photography by Nikki Love, 2022)  Walter Q-Bear Banks is a DJ and Operations Manager at KMOJFM radio station. Born and raised in Minneapolis Minnesota, Banks has been broadcasting the Minneapolis sound through the airwaves for 40 plus years. Banks listened to all kinds of music (jazz, blues, reggae, gospel, Hip Hop and the list goes on). He loves to sing, and is a member of…

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Minnesota People Of Color Pride

MN POC Pride is a non-profit organization celebrating, supporting and uniting LGBTQ+ people of color with a focus on equity assurance, racial justice, and economic opportunity for community members.  They are located at 2517 golden Valley Road, Minneapolis Minnesota 55411. Dennis Anderson is the founder and CEO of MN POC Pride (Minnesota People of Color).  Dennis Anderson(Photography by Nikki…

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Smoke Dee: Co-CEO for the House of DJ’s

(Photo Courtesy: Smoke Dee, 2022)  Smoke Dee is a hip-hop activist, historian, practitioner, and old school pioneer DJ Master of Ceremony since 1983. Currently he is the Co-CEO for the House of DJ’s, which is a recording label production unit.  He said, “I’m a single Dad from the North side of Minneapolis. I have always raised my daughter, I was granted…

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